7 Izvoare Waterfall: a corner of heaven hidden in the Bucegi Mountains

Discover the 7 Springs Waterfall, an oasis of tranquility and natural beauty, where crystal clear water and legendary stories will take you to a magical world.

A spectacle of nature:

The 7 Izvoare waterfall, located in the Bucegi Mountains, fully deserves its reputation. The 7 springs gushing from the mountain form a spectacular waterfall, which will conquer you with its richness and beauty.

A fascinating story:

Legend has it that the waterfall has miraculous properties, being the purest in the world. Its purity is believed to be due to the water passing through a silver deposit or magnetic field, giving it healing and invigorating properties.

A unique experience:

The hike to the 7 Springs Waterfall is a memorable adventure. The trail marked with a blue cross takes you through the green forest, offering stunning views and a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for relaxing and connecting with nature.

Useful information for a successful adventure:

  • Access:The waterfall is located in Dâmbovița county, about 20 km from Moroeni.
  • Difficulty: The trail is moderate, about 7 km long and takes 3-4 hours round trip.
  • Equipment: Comfortable, waterproof footwear, suitable hiking and waterproof clothing are recommended.
  • Tip: Respect nature and don't leave tracks on the trail. Take plenty of water and snacks with you.

The 7 Springs Waterfall is waiting for you to discover a magical world, where legend blends harmoniously with the beauty of nature!

Further information:

  • Legend of the God Zamolxe: It is said that Zamolxe, the god of the Dacians, retreated to the cave behind the waterfall to meditate and connect with nature.
  • Water properties: The waterfall water is rich in minerals and has a great taste. Locals consider it to be a water with healing properties.
  • Flora and fauna: The waterfall area is rich in vegetation and is home to various animal species.
  • Activities: Besides visiting the waterfall, the area is also suitable for hiking, climbing, caving and cycling.

Plan a trip to the 7 Springs Waterfall and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

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