Alba Carolina Fortress: A journey through time through the heart of Transylvania

The largest fortress in Romania, Alba Carolina invites you to discover a fascinating world, where history is harmoniously intertwined with the present. Built over 300 years ago, the bastioned fortification will captivate you with its architectural majesty and unique atmosphere.

A seven-pointed star

  • Admire the seven bastions that make up the 'safe enclosure', the heart of the fortress.
  • Discover the logic of numbering the bastions, which is always done clockwise, starting from the third gate.
  • Walk along the moat of the fortress and breathe the fresh Transylvanian air.
  • Hire a bike or electric scooter to quickly explore the fortification.

A baroque monument of unique beauty

  • Let yourself be carried away by the baroque atmosphere of the fortress, considered the most imposing monument of its kind in the area.
  • Imagine life in the 18th century, when the fortress was an important military centre.
  • Learn the fascinating story of the siege of 1849, when 8,000 Hungarians tried unsuccessfully to conquer the fortress.

Three trails for a memorable day

  • Fortress Gates Trail: explore the six monumental gates of the fortification.
  • The Three Fortifications Route: discover the fascinating history of the Roman fortress Apulum, the medieval fortress and the fortress Alba Carolina.
  • The Bastions Trail: visit the seven bastions and admire the spectacular panorama of the city.

Useful information

  • Visitor fees

    • Monuments: 10 lei (adults), 2,5 lei (students), 5 lei (students and pensioners)
    • Transhipment: charges are levied
  • Programme

    • The Citadel is open 24/7
    • Museums and monuments have variable opening hours, check official websites
  • Recommendations

    • Visit the fortress in nice weather to enjoy relaxing walks.
    • Participate in regular events organised in the citadel.
    • Taste traditional Romanian dishes at the restaurants inside the fortress.
    • Buy souvenirs in craft shops.

Alba Carolina awaits you with open arms for an unforgettable experience!

Additional information for tourists

  • Accommodation: There are a variety of accommodation options in Alba Iulia, from luxury hotels to chic guesthouses.
  • Transport: Alba Iulia is well connected to the rest of the country by train and bus. There is also an international airport about 100 km away.
  • Restaurants: In Alba Iulia you will find a wide range of restaurants, from Romanian to international cuisine.
  • Tourist attractions: besides Alba Carolina, Alba Iulia offers other interesting tourist attractions, such as the Coronation Cathedral, the National Museum of Unification and the Cetate Park.

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Tips for a successful visit

  • Plan your visit in advance and book your accommodation.
  • Choose comfortable clothes and shoes for long walks.
  • Take water and snacks with you.