Bear Cave: A fascinating journey into the underworld

A spectacle of nature: the Bear Cave is one of the most spectacular caves in Romania, renowned for its unique karst formations and rich history. Step into this magical world and explore galleries decorated with stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes and colours, discovering stunning natural beauty.

A foray into prehistory: The Bear Cave was inhabited by cave bears thousands of years ago. Discover the tracks left by these gentle giants, such as bones, claws and teeth, and imagine what life was like for them in this subterranean world.

A museum of nature: the cave is home to a variety of invertebrate animal species adapted to life in the dark. Admire bats flying through the galleries and carefully observe the cave walls to discover insects and other fascinating creatures.

Useful information for tourists:

  • Access:
    • Asphalted road to the cave
    • Organized transport from Chișcău
  • Opening hours:
    • Daily, 09:00-17:00 (May-September)
    • Daily, 10:00-16:00 (October-April)
  • Prices:
    • Adults: 25 lei
    • Children (3-12 years): 10 lei
  • Recommendations:
    • Suitable equipment for a cave walk (comfortable shoes, thick clothes)
    • Water and supplies
    • Observance of the rules for visiting the cave

Discover more:

  • The Bear Cave is located in the Apuseni Mountains, in the Apuseni Natural Park.
  • There are many tourist attractions in the area, such as the Turda Gorge, the Scarișoara Glacier and the Apuseni Castle.
  • Chișcău is a picturesque town with a wide range of accommodation and dining options.

Plan your dream holiday in the Apuseni and enjoy a unique experience at the Bear Cave!


  • Bear Cave:

Further information:

  • Activities in the area:
    • Mountain hiking
    • Bicycling
    • Visiting the Turzii Gorges and the Scarișoara Glacier
    • Rafting on the Arieș River

Accommodation and meals:

  • Chișcău offers a wide range of accommodation and dining options to suit all budgets. There are guesthouses, hotels, cottages and restaurants to suit a variety of preferences.

Tips for tourists:

  • It is recommended to book your tickets online to avoid queues.
  • The visit of the cave is guided only.
  • The temperature in the cave is a constant around 10°C, so it is recommended to dress appropriately.
  • Flash photography is not allowed inside the cave.