Blue Lake in Maramures: a natural wonder unique in Europe

Discover the Blue Lake in Maramures, a natural wonder unique in Europe, famous for its amazing turquoise colour and its ability to change its hue depending on the season and the position of the sun.

A fascinating nature story:

Blue Lake was formed by the collapse of a sulphur mine shaft, accumulating mineral-rich groundwater. This unique water composition gives the lake a vibrant turquoise colour that turns emerald green or even dark blue, depending on sunlight and water temperature.

A picturesque natural setting:

The lake is located in a clearing surrounded by a young forest of goruni, offering a picturesque and peaceful natural setting. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing walk along the lakeshore, admire the unique beauty of the water and take memorable photographs.

Legends and mystery:

The maximum depth of the lake is 4 meters, but local legends say that there are much deeper underground galleries that communicate with the Black Sea. Its mystery and fascinating beauty attract visitors from all over the world.

Useful information for a memorable visit:

  • Access: the Blue Lake is located about 10 km from Baia Sprie, on a trail easily accessible by car or on foot.
  • Programme: the lake can be visited daily, all year round.
  • Fees: Access to the lake is free.
  • Tips: Wear comfortable footwear for a walk in the woods. Take water and snacks with you. Respect the rules of the trail and don't leave tracks on the trail.

The Blue Lake in Maramures is waiting for you to discover a magical world, where nature reveals its unique beauty and invites you to an unforgettable experience.

Further information:

  • Blue Lake is an ideal destination for mountain hiking, picnicking and photography.
  • In the area you can visit many tourist attractions, such as the Baia Sprie Mines, the Baia Mare Gold Museum and the Bârsana Monastery.
  • There are various accommodation and dining options in and around Baia Sprie, from hotels to guesthouses and cottages.


  • Visit the lake outside the rainy season to avoid muddy trails.
  • Respect the flora and fauna around the lake and don't litter.
  • For the full experience, take a hike through the forest around the lake and enjoy the tranquility of nature.