Dino Park Rasnov: A fascinating journey into the world of dinosaurs

Discover Dino Parc Rasnov, the largest dinosaur park in South-East Europe, where you can venture back in time and meet the prehistoric giants.

A fascinating world of dinosaurs:

Dino Park Rasnov is home to over 100 life-size dinosaurs reproduced with amazing fidelity. Strolling through the park, you can admire a variety of species, from the ferocious T-Rex to the giant Brachiosaurus, discovering fascinating information about their lives and how they became extinct.

Fun for the whole family:

In addition to the dinosaur trail, the park offers plenty of other attractions for kids and adults alike. Playgrounds, treehouses with science exhibits, a 9D cinema and a 360° cinema, adventure trails, zip lines, laser maze, unique exhibits and many other interactive areas await you for a day of fun and learning.

Unique scientific exhibitions:

Dino Park Rasnov is constantly organising new national and international scientific exhibitions, offering visitors a fascinating insight into the natural world and recent scientific discoveries.

Interactive volcano and earthquake platform:

Special attractions at the park include the interactive volcano simulating an eruption and the platform that exemplifies three types of earthquakes. A fun and educational experience that will give you a better understanding of the forces of nature.

Useful information for a memorable visit:

  • Access: Dino Parc Râșnov is located about 15 kilometres from Brasov, on the DN73.
  • Opening hours: the park is open daily from 9:00 to 19:00.
  • Admission: 40 lei for adults, 28 lei for children. There are also special packages for families and groups.
  • Tips: Wear comfortable footwear and appropriate clothing for an outdoor walk. Take water and snacks with you. Respect the rules of the trail and don't leave tracks on the trail.

Dino Park Rasnov awaits you to discover a magical world where you can venture back in time and enjoy an educational and fun experience for the whole family.

Further information:

  • Dino Park Rasnov was opened in 2013 and is the largest dinosaur park in South-East Europe.
  • The park covers an area of over 1.5 hectares and is home to over 100 life-size dinosaurs.
  • Dino Parc Rasnov has won numerous national and international awards for excellence in education and tourism.


  • There are various accommodation options in and around Râșnov, from hotels to pensions and cottages.
  • In Râșnov there are restaurants serving traditional Romanian and international dishes.
  • In addition to visiting Dino Park Rasnov, you can enjoy mountain hiking, sightseeing in the area, practicing winter sports or relaxing at a cottage in nature.