Dinosaur World Transylvania: A fascinating journey into the prehistoric world

Discover Dinosaur World Transylvania, a unique theme park in Romania and Europe, located at the foot of the Retezat Massif, where you can teleport back in time, 70-67 million years ago, to the territory of prehistoric Transylvania.

In the footsteps of dinosaurs:

Hațegul is an area famous for its paleontological discoveries, the presence of dinosaurs being attested by fossils and eggs found here. Dinosaur World Transylvania offers you the chance to explore this fascinating world, admiring faithful replicas of the dinosaurs that ruled the earth millions of years ago.

A complex place for a complete experience:

The park offers a variety of activities for all ages and preferences. You can enjoy the tranquility of nature, test yourself on adventure trails, relax in hammocks or have fun with family and friends. The restaurant in the park will delight you with delicious traditional dishes made from fresh local ingredients.

Useful information for a memorable visit:

  • Access:The park is located in Densuș, Hunedoara county, about 40 km from Hațeg.
  • Opening hours: the park is open daily from 9:00 to 19:00.
  • Admission: adults 25 lei, children (3-14 years) 10 lei, children under 3 years free.
  • Additional information: credit cards accepted, free parking and pet access.

Tips for a complete experience:

  • Wear comfortable shoes for walks in the park.
  • Bring water and snacks, especially if you are visiting the park with children.
  • Please respect the rules for visitors and do not litter.
  • Take the opportunity to visit other sights in the area, such as the Devei Fortress, the Huniade Castle and the Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilization in Deva.

Dinosaur World Transylvania awaits you to discover a magical world where you can connect with nature and enjoy an educational and fun experience for the whole family.

Further information:

  • The park hosts various themed events throughout the year, such as creative workshops for children, performances and exhibitions.
  • Various accommodation options can be found in the area, from guesthouses to mountain huts.
  • For the full experience, a holiday of several days in the area is recommended, exploring the surroundings and the sights of Hunedoara County.


  • Check the weather forecast for your region before travelling to Hațeg.
  • Choose clothes appropriate for the weather in the area.
  • Respect the flora and fauna of the area.

Dinosaur World Transylvania is an ideal destination for families with children, prehistory enthusiasts, those who want to relax in nature and those looking for an educational and fun experience.