Durău Summer Park: Fun for all ages in the middle of nature

A fun getaway in the heart of the Stansoara Mountains

Durău Summer Park is an ideal destination for those looking for a fun-filled and relaxing day in the middle of nature. Located in the Durău Trail area, the park offers a variety of attractions for all ages, from the young to the old.

Summer Sledge: Adrenaline and speed on a unique route

The park's main attraction is the Summer Sled, an 800-metre trail that takes you at speeds of up to 40 km/h through spectacular mountain scenery. Adrenaline and thrills are guaranteed for those looking for a memorable experience.

Fun for the whole family

In addition to the Summer Sled, the park offers a wide range of attractions for children and adults. The Summer Tubing, an inflatable coaster ride, is perfect for those looking for a more relaxing experience. The Trampoline, Bouncy Bounce, Carousel and Playground offer guaranteed fun for the little ones.

Useful information for a pleasant visit:

  • Access: the Durău Summer Park is located in the Durău Trail area. Tourists can easily reach the park by navigating to the permanent location of the Durău Trail.
  • Opening hours: the park is open daily, Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 18:00.
  • Admission: 80 lei for children and free for children under 3. Access to the Summer Sledging is against payment, with differentiated prices for adults and children.
  • Recommendations: Wear comfortable shoes and clothes suitable for a day outdoors. Follow the safety rules posted in the park.
  • Activities in the area: In addition to the fun in the park, tourists can explore the scenic surroundings, hike in the mountains, visit the local sights or relax at one of the terraces in Durău.

Durău Summer Park awaits you with a day full of fun and relaxation in the middle of nature!

Additional tips:

  • Best time to visit: the park is open during the summer season, from May to September.
  • Accommodation: In and around Durău there are a variety of accommodation options, from guesthouses and cottages to campsites.
  • Food: Durău's restaurants and terraces offer a variety of delicious dishes, from light snacks to full menus.
  • Equipment: Make sure you have water, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience at Durău Summer Park!