Lake Bucura: A glacial treasure in the heart of the Retezat

Lake Bucura, located in the Retezat National Park, is the largest glacial lake in the Retezat Mountains. Covering an area of about 9 hectares and fed by five crystal-clear springs, the lake offers a spectacular view, surrounded by cliff ridges and rich flora.

Legends and mysteries:

  • According to legend, Lake Bucura was the meeting place of the outlaws from Banat, Transylvania and Oltenia, who shared their prey. It is said that, in order not to be caught with the gold, the outlaws threw it into the lake. The locals still tell tales of the treasures hidden in the depths of the lake.
  • Bucura Lake is also known as "Fern Lake", due to the abundance of ferns growing on its shores.

A memorable adventure:

  • The hike to Bucura Lake is an unforgettable experience, offering breathtaking panoramic views.
  • The route starts from Hațeg, from where you can drive to Poiana Pelegii. From here, a climb of about two hours on foot takes you to the lake.
  • Proper equipment is essential, given the high altitude of the lake. Sleeping bags, thick clothes and a thermos of hot tea are essential.

Useful information for tourists:

  • Access: Lake Bucura is located in the Retezat National Park, access is only allowed on foot, on marked trails.
  • Duration: The round-trip hike takes about 4-5 hours.
  • Difficulty: The trail is moderate, with a level difference of about 800 meters.
  • Hunting: There are accommodation possibilities at Cabana Bucura or Cabana Peleaga.
  • Recommendations: Take plenty of food and water, mountain-appropriate clothing, comfortable boots and a first aid kit.

Besides Lake Bucura, Retezat National Park offers a multitude of other tourist attractions:

  • Glacial lakes: Lake Gemenele, Lake Zănoaga, Lake Tăul Negru
  • Mountain peaks: Peleaga (2509 m), Retezat (2482 m), Păpușa (2433 m)
  • Butii Gorges, Retezat Gorges
  • Waterfalls: Lolaia Waterfall, Pietrele Waterfall

Bucura Lake is an ideal destination for nature and adventure lovers. A visit here will be a memorable experience, offering stunning views and a unique connection to the wild beauty of the Retezat Mountains.