Muddy Volcanoes: A fascinating spectacle of nature

The Muddy Volcanoes, a unique nature reserve in Europe, offers a fascinating experience for visitors curious to discover a spectacular natural phenomenon. These 'volcanoes' do not erupt hot lava, but liquid or viscous mud, creating a unique, alien-like landscape.

A spectacle of nature:

The volcanoes' selenore landscape is dotted with small conical craters, from which mud is constantly spewed in various shapes and speeds. Each volcano has its own personality, offering a unique spectacle that will captivate you instantly.

A rare geological phenomenon:

Mud volcanoes are formed by the eruption of natural gases from deep underground (about 3,000 metres). The gases work their way to the surface in a clay layer, where they combine with the water table to form liquid mud.

A European natural treasure:

The European continent is home to very few phenomena of this kind on the surface, making the Muddy Volcanoes a unique natural treasure. Tourists from all over the world come to admire the fascinating spectacle of nature and discover a rare geological phenomenon.

Useful information for tourists:

  • Location: Vulcanii Noroioși is located in Buzău county, about 120 km from Bucharest.
  • Access: access is on the county road DJ220A, from Berca.
  • Opening hours:
    • Tuesday-Sunday: 09:00 - 18:00 (May-September)
    • Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00 - 16:00 (October-April)
  • Prices:
    • Adults: 4 lei
    • Children (7-14 years): 1 leu
    • Students, students, pensioners: 2 lei
  • Recommendations:
    • Visit the volcanoes in spring or autumn, when the weather is more pleasant.
    • Wear rubber boots or appropriate footwear for a walk in the area.
    • Comply with the rules of visitation and do not damage the natural environment.

The Cloud Volcanoes are an ideal destination for those who are passionate about nature and unique geological phenomena. Here, you can admire a fascinating spectacle of nature and discover a wonder of the geological world.

Further information:

  • In addition to the mud volcanoes, in the area you can visit other tourist attractions, such as:
    • Ciolanu Monastery
    • Colti Amber Museum
    • Mocearu Lake Nature Reserve
  • Accommodation is available in guesthouses and hotels in the area.
  • Hiking and nature excursions can be organised in the surroundings of the Volcanoes.

The Cloudy Volcanoes await you to discover a fascinating world where nature reveals its unique and spectacular beauty.