Polovragi Cave: A fascinating mystery in the heart of the mountain

Peștera Polovragi, located in the Buila-Vanturarița Natural Park, Gorj County, is a unique destination that combines legend, history and natural beauty.

Legends and mystery:

  • According to legend, the cave was the home of the god Zamolxis, the advisor and mentor of the Geto-Dacians.
  • It is said that the medicine men of that time used a plant called "polovragă" to prepare remedies, giving rise to the name of the cave.

Exploring the mystery:

  • The cave has a total length of 10 km, but only 800 metres are accessible to visitors.
  • This stretch is enough to fascinate both amateur cavers and those curious to discover the mysteries of the mountain.
  • The cave is home to a colony of about 300 hibernating bats.

Useful information for visitors:

  • Temperature: The cave has a constant temperature of 9 degrees Celsius and an average humidity of 90%.
  • Geological formations: The cave is rich in spectacular seepage formations carved from calcium carbonate, silicon dioxide, iron oxide and other minerals.
  • Price: Access for children costs 10 lei.

Tips for a memorable experience:

  • Wear clothing and footwear suitable for low temperature and high humidity.
  • Follow the rules of visitation to protect the natural environment of the cave.
  • Admire in silence the unique beauty of the geological formations.

Polovragi Cave is an ideal destination for those passionate about caving, history, legends and nature. A visit here will be a memorable experience, full of mystery and fascinating beauty.

Additional recommendations:

  • Combine a visit to the cave with a walk through the Buila-Vanturarița Nature Park.
  • Discover other attractions in the area, such as Polovragi Monastery, Sohodol Gorges or Muierilor Cave.
  • Taste traditional dishes from the local gastronomy.

Polovragi Cave is waiting for you to discover its secrets and enjoy a unique experience in the heart of the mountain!