Cetatea Șoimoș: O călătorie în timp pe urmele regilor și legendelor

The fortress of Șoimoș, located in Hunedoara county, is a fascinating relic of Romania's medieval history. Once the residence of Queen Isabella and her son, the fortress played an important role in the power struggles of the time.

Evocative name:

  • The name "Falcon" comes from the activity that was carried out in the fortress in the Middle Ages: the breeding of falcons, birds of prey used for hunting and fighting.

Legends and mystery:

  • A fascinating legend tells the story of three competitive sisters who simultaneously built the fortresses of Shimoș, Yrie and Denz. It is said that once completed, the fortress of Shimoș collapsed and the sisters turned into snakes as punishment for their hainous souls.

An affordable adventure:

  • Visiting the ruins of the fortress is free and can be done at any time.
  • Appropriate footwear is recommended for climbing the steep slope leading up to the fortress.
  • The panoramic view from the vantage point is well worth the effort.
  • Access to the fortress is on a winding path that climbs the hill for about 20 minutes.

Additional information for tourists:

  • History of the fortress: The Șoimoș Fortress was built in the 14th century and was later extended and fortified. It was partially destroyed in the 16th century and never rebuilt.
  • Architecture: The fortress has an irregular shape, adapted to the configuration of the terrain. Ruins of towers, courtyards and other defensive elements can be seen.
  • Attractions in the area: Near the fortress of Șoimoș there are other interesting sights, such as the Corvinilor Castle, the Devei Fortress and the Apuseni Natural Park.

Soimoș Fortress is an ideal destination for those passionate about history, legends and nature hikes. Visiting the ruins of the fortress offers a unique experience, a journey back in time in the footsteps of kings and legends.

Tips for a memorable visit:

  • Find out about the history of the fortress and the legends connected to it in advance.
  • Take water and snacks for the journey.
  • Respect the rules of visitation and keep clean.
  • Enjoy the mysterious atmosphere of the place and admire the gorgeous view.

Soimoș Fortress is waiting for you to discover its mysteries and enjoy an unforgettable experience!