Tâmpa: A natural paradise at the foot of the Stânișoara mountains

A hidden corner of paradise: Located at the foot of the Stânișoara Mountains, Tâmpa invites you to discover a magical world where nature reveals its wild beauty. Here, you can enjoy the fresh mountain air, the tranquillity of nature and spectacular views.

An escape from the everyday: Tâmpa is the ideal place for a relaxing getaway away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can stroll through vibrant green forests, relax by the creek or venture out on spectacular mountain trails.

A gateway to the land of legends: the place is shrouded in mystery and legend. It is said that there was a Dacian fortress on the Tâmpa, and that fairies and dragonmen lived in the caves.

A place for adventure and relaxation: the Tâmpa offers a wide range of activities for all tastes. You can climb steep cliffs, cycle along mountain trails or enjoy a picnic in the middle of nature.

Useful information for tourists:

  • Access:
    • Asphalted road to the foot of the Tîmpe
    • Marked mountain paths
  • Program:
    • The area is permanently accessible
  • Fees:
    • Free access
  • Recommendations:
    • Suitable equipment for mountain hiking
    • Water and supplies
    • Respect the environment

Discover more:

  • The ramp is declared a monument of nature.
  • There are many tourist attractions in the area, such as the Neamt Monastery, the Neamt Fortress and the Vânători Neamt Nature Park.
  • Poiana Neamțului is an ideal starting point for hiking to Vârful Toaca, Vârful Piatra Mare and other spectacular peaks of the Făgăraș Mountains.

Plan your dream holiday in Poiana Neamțului and enjoy an unforgettable experience on the Tâmpa!


  • Tâmpa (Poiana Neamțului): 

I hope this information will help you make the most of your visit to the Tâmpa!

Further information:

  • In addition to hiking and climbing, other activities can be practiced on the Tâmpa, such as:

    • Speleology
    • Paragliding
    • Birdwatching
  • Hiking and climbing equipment can be rented in Poiana Neamțului.

  • The Tâmpa is a popular place for picnics and barbecues. There are many areas set up especially for this purpose.

  • It is important to respect the rules for visiting the protected area in order not to disturb the local fauna and flora.