The Cross of Heroes on Caraiman: A symbol of sacrifice and patriotism

An emblematic monument: the Cross of the Heroes on Caraiman is an emblematic monument located on the Caraiman peak in the Bucegi Mountains. Built between 1926 and 1928, the cross is 39 metres high and commemorates the sacrifice of Romanian soldiers who died in the First World War.

A symbol of faith: the Heroes' Cross is a symbol of faith and hope. Its location on a high mountain peak offers a unique perspective on nature and divine beauty.

An emotional place: Visiting the Cross of Heroes is a moving and reverent experience. Visitors can admire the spectacular views of the Bucegi Mountains and reflect on the sacrifice of those who fought for Romania.

Useful information for tourists:

  • Access:
    • Crucea Eroilor is located on the Caraiman peak, about 10 km from Sinaia.
    • It can be reached by cable car from Sinaia, followed by a hike of about 20 minutes on the plateau.
    • There are also more difficult mountain trails that start from Sinaia or Bușteni.
  • Schedule:
    • The Sinaia Cable Car operates daily, 08:30-17:00 (May-October)
    • The Sinaia Cable Car operates Friday-Sunday, 09:00-15:00 (November-April)
  • Fares:
    • Round trip cable car: 80 lei adults, 40 lei children
  • Equipment:
    • It is recommended that you have appropriate equipment for mountain hiking (comfortable footwear, weather-appropriate clothing, water, etc.).
  • Accommodation:
    • In Sinaia and Bușteni there are many guesthouses and hotels offering affordable accommodation.
  • Meals:
    • There is a hut on the Bucegi plateau where you can dine.

Discover more:

  • The Cross of Heroes is included on the list of historical monuments in Romania.
  • There are many other tourist attractions in the area, such as Peleș Castle, Sinaia Monastery and Ialomicioara Cave.
  • Sinaia is a picturesque mountain town, a popular destination for winter sports and mountain hiking.

Plan your dream holiday in the Bucegi Mountains and enjoy an emotional and patriotic experience at the Heroes' Cross!


  • Cross of Heroes:
  • Caraiman Peak:
  • Bucegi Plateau:
  • Babel Hut:

Further information:

  • History of the Heroes' Cross:
    • The cross was built of reinforced concrete and weighs 28 tons.
    • The building materials were transported up the mountain by funicular.
    • The cross was inaugurated in 1928 in the presence of King Ferdinand I and Queen Mary.
  • Events:
    • Every year, on the Ascension of the Holy Cross, a religious ceremony is held at the Cross of Heroes.

Tips for tourists:

  • Respect nature and the rules for visiting Bucegi Natural Park.
  • Find out about the route you are going to take and check the weather forecast.
  • Don't hesitate to ask the mountain guides for help.

Have a good trip!