Turenilor Gorges: A spectacular adventure a stone's throw from Cluj

A wild, scenic and historic canyon

The Turenilor Gorges, also known as the Turului Gorges or the Copandului Gorges, are located just 20 kilometres from Cluj-Napoca, between the communes of Tureni and Copăceni. Declared a nature reserve and archaeological park, the gorges invite you to discover a fascinating land, sculpted by time and the rushing waters of the Racilor Valley.

Huge cliff faces, lush vegetation and rich biodiversity

The steep walls, reaching heights of up to 150 metres, will win you over with their grandeur. Hidden caves, miniature waterfalls and rich vegetation with rare and endemic species create a unique landscape, perfect for hiking and nature adventures. The Tureni Gorge is a paradise for birdwatchers, home to an impressive variety of bird species.

Thrilling trail along the water

The route through the pier is marked with a blue dot and takes about 2-2.5 hours. There are two options: along the water, through the gorge, and on the ridge. The trail through the gorge is more difficult and requires appropriate equipment (harness, tarpaulin, helmet) and is recommended only for experienced hikers in good physical condition. The ridge trail is easier and offers spectacular panoramic views.

Useful information for a memorable visit:

  • Choose a clear day with stable weather to avoid the risk of rain, storms or floods.
  • Equip yourself properly: mountain shoes, appropriate hiking clothes, water and snacks.
  • Respect the rules of environmental protection: do not litter, do not destroy vegetation and do not disturb wildlife.
  • Find out about your chosen route and the degree of difficulty.
  • Access to the pier is on foot from Tureni or Copăceni.

The Tureni Gorge awaits you to discover a magical world where nature reveals its wild and fascinating beauty.

Further information:

  • History: Archaeological research has uncovered numerous remains that attest to ancient human habitation in the area, dating back to the Middle Neolithic. Tools, coins and pottery have been found, providing clues to life in this region throughout the ages.
  • Legends: the place is shrouded in legends and mysteries. Famous outlaws are said to have hidden in the caves of the gorge, and some believe there is hidden treasure here.
  • Tourist attractions nearby: Turda Salt Mine, Turda Gorges, Potaissa Roman Castle, Liteni Fortress.
  • Accommodation: There are guesthouses and cottages in the surrounding villages where you can stay to explore more of the area.
  • Restaurants: In Tureni and Copăceni there are restaurants with traditional Romanian dishes.


  • Visit the Tureni Gorge in spring or autumn, when temperatures are more pleasant.
  • Watch out for vipers, which may be present in the area.
  • Don't venture on the gorge trail unless you have experience and proper equipment.
  • Respect nature and leave only footprints behind you.

The Tureni Gorge invites you to an unforgettable experience, where you can connect with nature and discover the wild beauty of Transylvania.