5-day unforgettable adventure through Brasov and Bucharest

  • Min Age: 18

For some tours there may be a difference between arrival and departure times, depending on your schedule. Tours are calculated on the days actually spent in the destination city and do not take into account arrival and departure days. Please take 2 days in advance of the tour to ensure the most enjoyable experience.


Welcome to an exciting journey through the heart of Romania, where the old world blends harmoniously with the new, creating a cultural and natural landscape of rare beauty. This unique tour invites you to discover two of the country's most iconic cities, Brasov and Bucharest, giving you an authentic experience full of adventure, history and culinary discoveries, all for free, with no hidden costs or need for additional insurance.


**Brașov**, the gateway to Transylvania, is a city steeped in history, where every stone and building tells the story of centuries of events, culture and traditions. The adventure begins in the Council Square, the vibrant centre of urban life, surrounded by impressive medieval architecture, including the famous Black Church, a Gothic monument of sober beauty. The cobbled streets will guide you to Sforii Street, one of the narrowest in Europe, offering a unique insight into life in the past. Not far away, Brasov's Citadel stands proudly guard, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city and its surroundings.


From urban to natural, Brasov is the gateway to outdoor adventures. The Seven Stairs Canyon, with its spectacular waterfalls and hiking trails, promises a day full of adrenaline and discovery. For lovers of winter sports or simply for those who want to breathe the fresh mountain air, Poiana Brasov offers dream landscapes and activities for all tastes.


**București**, the country's capital, is an amalgam of history, culture and modernism. The city tour starts with the Palace of Parliament, a monumental building reflecting Romania's ambition and complex history. The Old Centre, with its narrow streets and neoclassical architecture, is the pulsating heart of nightlife and a centre of local gastronomy. The Village Museum transports you back in time, offering a window into Romanian cultural diversity and traditions, while vast parks such as Herastrau invite you to relax and contemplate.


This tour gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace, without financial worries, focusing on authentic experiences and enriching your knowledge of Romania's cultural and natural heritage. Whether you're a history lover, an adrenaline-seeking adventurer or a foodie passionate about culinary discoveries, this itinerary is designed to satisfy a wide range of interests and passions.


In addition to the main attractions, the tour focuses on interaction with the local community, giving you the chance to learn a few words in Romanian, taste traditional dishes and discover the customs that make Romania such a special place. From the narrow streets of Brasov to the wide boulevards of Bucharest, every day will be a new adventure, a new chapter in the personal story of discovering Romania.



We end the tour with the promise that you will leave not only with photographic memories, but also with a deep connection and understanding of the cultural, historical and natural richness that Romania generously offers to any traveller. So get ready for an authentic Romanian adventure, where every day is a discovery and every moment is a treasure.

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Visiting suggestions for the main cultural and historical attractions
Daily activity descriptions
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Tips for navigating the city by public transport
Tips for tasting traditional Romanian dishes
Leisure options including parks, museums and shopping areas
Details about the history and local culture of Bucharest
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Morning: Explore the Council Square, the heart of the city, steeped in history and architectural beauty. Don't miss the Black Church, an iconic symbol of Brasov.
Afternoon: Take a walk along Strada Sforii, one of the narrowest streets in Europe, and climb up to Brasov's Fortress for a panoramic view of the city.
Evening: Relax in the Council Square, where you can sample local cuisine in one of the many restaurants and cafés.

Morning: Hike to Tampa Mountain, a natural wonder quickly accessible by cable car, where you can admire the wonderful landscape over Brasov. If you want something else, you can visit Brasov's Citadel, where you can also get a great view.
Afternoon: Visit Poiana Brasov, an ideal place for hiking or, depending on the season, for skiing and other winter sports. You can get there in about 30 minutes from the roundabout in the centre of Brasov, near Nicolae Titulescu Park and Schaeffler Park - Livada Poștei.
Evening: Return to Brasov for a quiet dinner and an evening stroll through the old town.

Morning: Departure to Bucharest. Once there, start with a tour of the Palace of Parliament, one of the largest administrative buildings in the world.

Reservations for 1-9 people only by phone, 24 hours before the visit, between 09:00-16:00, at the following phone numbers: +40 733 558 102 or +40 733 558 103.
Visiting hours: daily 09:00 - 17:00
We recommend standard tour + basement for a complete experience.
Visiting fee for 1 adult is 65 lei.
Visiting fee for 1 student is 35 lei (19 - 26 years old, with valid student card)
Visiting fee for 1 child is 25 lei (7 - 18 years old)

Access rules:
Access is ONLY with a valid ID document, C.I., passport)
The Standard Tour + Basement is not accessible to people with locomotor disabilities
In case of reservations, please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the tour at the information desk; failure to arrive will result in the cancellation of your reservation.
There is no luggage storage space and we recommend that you DO NOT leave your luggage unattended!
On the tour we recommend keeping quiet and disciplined.
Afternoon: Stroll through the Old Centre, a maze of streets full of history, cafes and souvenir shops.
Evening: Dinner in the Old Centre, where you can sample traditional Romanian cuisine.

Morning: Visit to the National Village Museum "Dimitrie Gusti", where you can see traditional houses from different regions of Romania.
No appointment is necessary for the visit
Ticket prices are: 30 RON for adults, 15 RON for pensioners, 8 RON for pupils/students
Lunch: Near the museum (1 hour). We recommend H Brewery, Il Calcio, Hard Rock Cafe or maybe even Taverna Racilor. These are right near the museum. Afterwards you can take a walk for about 2-3 hours through the Herastrau Park, where you can also see the Island of Roses or maybe even take a boat or boat ride on the Herastrau Lake.
Afternoon: Relax in Herastrau Park, perfect for a walk by the lake or a picnic.
Evening: Explore the urban and trendy area of Bucharest with a visit to the creative and vibrant Dorobanți district.

Morning: Visit to the Botanical Garden "Dimitrie Brândză" (2 hours).
After the visit, we also recommend admiring the Cotroceni Palace, where you can also visit the Cotroceni National Museum.
Lunch: Lunch nearby, we recommend "Burgeria Cotroceni" or maybe even something cheaper "JoilPot Cotroceni" (2 hours).
After lunch: Relaxation at Therme București - requires transport and reservation (if you want to save time waiting in line) (4 hours).
We recommend at Therme to have towel, slippers and read the rules. Please note that electronic devices will be left in the locker/dressing room. Therme has 3 zones and 3 intervals. 3 hours, 4.5 hours or full day. We recommend the 4.5 hour interval, leaving Cotroceni at 12 noon and visiting from 2pm (or when you arrive).
An advantageous route in terms of time would be by train from Gara de Nord to Otopeni Airport, and then by bus 442 to Petrești station.
An easier option would be Bolt/Uber, where the cost will be around 100 lei.
Evening: Return to accommodation and rest before leaving the city. If you are flying in all on this day, then we recommend the following:
Transport to the airport and departure (2 hours). But if you are leaving directly from Therme to Otopeni Airport it is about 30 minutes by bus and about 10 minutes by Uber/Bolt. So you can link the route and go directly to the Airport.
Please note that from and to Otopeni Airport at peak times you can take up to 2 hours depending on your location. Our recommendation is to allow yourself a time margin of about 1 hour in addition to the 2 hours you need to be at the airport before boarding. We recommend checking in online and using passports to speed up the boarding process.
No more than 20-30 minutes at security. There is the possibility to scan passports at automated systems. On arrival in the country it is compulsory for passports to be checked by border guards, where delays are possible. Also, not all flights will drop you off directly at the airport. There is the possibility of being taken by bus to Arrivals.


The tour lasts 5 days and focuses on exploring the cities of Brasov and Bucharest.

Brasov: the city and its surroundings, including Poiana Brasov and the Seven Stairs Canyon: Downtown, including the Palace of Parliament, the Old Town, the Village Museum, and the surrounding parks.

This tour combines elements of adventure, relaxation and culture, offering a variety of activities from hiking and exploring nature to visiting historical monuments and museums.

The tour is of a moderate level, accessible to most travellers, with city walks and light to moderate nature hikes.

Budget may vary depending on accommodation and transport preferences, but an estimate would be between 300-600 EUR per person for 5 days, including accommodation, local transport, food, and main activities. Depending on the transport chosen, this cost may vary. However, we recommend the CFR Calatori train for which you will not pay more than 20 euro/ride.

Between Brasov and Bucharest: train or bus (economic and efficient options). We recommend the CFR Calatori train for which you will not pay more than 20 euro/ride.
In cities: public transport (buses, trolleybuses), taxi, or rent a car for more flexibility.

The variety of accommodation includes hotels (from economy to luxury), hostels (for the budget-minded), and Airbnb (for a more local or group experience).

In Brasov: sarmale con mămăliguță, mici, and papanasi.
In Bucharest: belly soup, mititei, and various fish dishes on the lakeside in Herăstrău.

Brasov: Council Square, Black Church, Sforii Street, Brasov Citadel: Parliament Palace, Village Museum, Old Centre, Herastrau Park.

Respecting culture and traditions: It is important to show respect to the inhabitants and their traditions.
Keeping clean: Keep public places clean and respect recycling rules.
Respecting traffic rules: Pay attention to traffic signs and local rules if you choose to drive.

English is widely spoken among young people and in tourist areas. Basic knowledge of French can also be useful.

For EU citizens and those from many other countries, no visa is required to enter Romania.

There are no specific health risks or mandatory vaccinations for visitors to most countries, but it is recommended that you check the latest travel advice from your country.

No special vaccinations are required, but check standard travel recommendations.

Bucharest is a safe city for tourists, but, as in any big city, standard caution is recommended: be careful with personal belongings and avoid sparsely populated areas at night.

There are numerous online reviews on platforms such as TripAdvisor, Google Reviews and Lonely Planet.

This itinerary is self-guided. For guided tours, you can check reputable local operators on review sites.

As a self-guided tour, you have the flexibility to tailor it to your liking, choosing which attractions to visit and when.



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