Bucharest urban odyssey: 7 days of culture and relaxation

  • Min Age: 18

"Bucharest Urban Odyssey: 7 Days of Culture and Relaxation" is an itinerary meticulously designed to offer a deep immersion into the cultural and historical heart of Bucharest, while offering moments of relaxation and contemplation. This tour is designed for travellers who want to discover the vibrant essence of Romania's capital, exploring its historical, architectural and gastronomic richness in a relaxed and well-planned setting.

Upon arrival in the city, you will be guided through the historic centre, where cobbled streets and architecturally impressive buildings tell the story of centuries of history. A visit to the Palace of Parliament, one of the largest and most impressive administrative buildings in the world, is sure to be a highlight of the trip, offering a unique insight into Romania's contemporary history.

Over the course of 7 days, you will have the opportunity to enrich your cultural knowledge by visiting top museums such as the National History Museum and the National Art Museum, as well as relax in green urban oases such as Cișmigiu Park and the Botanical Garden. Exploring the Village Museum will give you a window into Romania's cultural and traditional diversity, while a day spent relaxing at Therme Bucharest will recharge your batteries for your next adventures.

It's not just the cultural and historical experiences that define this tour, but also the culinary delights. You will have the chance to taste local specialties in selected restaurants, where traditional Romanian cuisine and fine wines will spoil your taste buds.

"Bucharest Urban Odyssey" is more than just a tour; it is an adventure full of discoveries, an opportunity to experience the rhythm of the city and the hospitality of its inhabitants. Whether you are attracted by history, art, gastronomy or simply by the desire to relax in an urban space full of greenery, this tour promises an unforgettable experience, balanced between educational and recreational, between activity and relaxation. It is essentially a celebration of Bucharest's diversity and cultural richness, offering every traveller the opportunity to create precious memories and reconnect with themselves.

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recommendations for visiting
written, guided tour
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tickets to tourist attractions
airline tickets
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public transport tickets
miscellaneous reservations
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600 - 699 euro
700 - 799 euro
>800 euro

Trip duration

Medium (6 - 10 days)



Group type

Families with children's



Exploring type

Optional going by car

Morning and lunch: Arrival in Bucharest. We assume you arrive around 10:00. Allow time to get to your accommodation and leave your luggage (2 hours).
Relaxation and lunch near the accommodation (1 hour).
Afternoon: Walk through the Old Town, visiting the historic streets and admiring the architecture (3 hours).
Evening: Dinner in the Old Town and possibly a drink in a local bar (3 hours).

Morning: Visit to the National Museum of Romanian History (2 hours).
For tickets we recommend that you visit their website and make an online reservation
Tickets are 22 RON for adults, 11 RON for pensioners, 5.5 RON for pupils/students or people with disabilities. Also, ticket prices may vary from year to year.
Lunch: In the museum area (1 hour). We highly recommend Caru' cu Bere (Strada Stavropoleos 5, Bucharest).
After lunch: Visit to the Palace of Parliament - appointment required (2 hours).

Reservations for 1-9 people can only be made by phone, 24 hours before the visit, between 09:00-16:00, on the following numbers: +40 733 558 102 or +40 733 558 103.​
Visiting hours: daily 09:00 - 17:00
We recommend standard tour + basement for a complete experience.
The visit fee for 1 adult is 65 lei.
Visiting fee for 1 student is 35 lei (19 - 26 years old, with valid student card)
The visiting fee for 1 child is 25 lei (7 - 18 years old)

Access rules:
Access is ONLY with a valid identity document (ID card, ID card, passport).
The Standard Tour + Basement is inaccessible to people with locomotor disabilities
For reservations, please arrive at the information desk 15 minutes before the start of the tour; failure to arrive will result in the cancellation of your reservation..
There is no luggage storage space and we recommend that you DO NOT leave your luggage unattended!
On tour we recommend that you keep quiet and disciplined.
Evening: Dinner and a walk in Izvor Park to relax (2 hours). Approximately 10 minutes from the Caru' cu Bere and 5 minutes from the Palace of Parliament.

Morning: Visit to the National Art Museum of Romania (2 hours).

Please also visit their website as prices may differ from year to year.
Lunch: Near the museum (1 hour). You can visit, take pictures or do other activities around the Roman Athenaeum. Also nearby are the Memorial of the Renaissance, the Equestrian Statue of Charles I, the statue of Eve, the Royal Palace in Bucharest. Behind the museum you will find the Palace Hall, where with a bit of luck you can also find some concerts or events.
After lunch: Free time in Cișmigiu Park (3 hours). Approximately 10 minutes walk from Sala Palatului/Ateneul Roman.
Evening: Dinner in a Romanian restaurant (2 hours). We recommend nearby: "Restaurant Vatra", "La Ceaunu' Crăpat". Or if you want to venture towards the centre, you will find near the Roman Athenaeum, the restaurant "La Mama" or "Casa Românească".

Morning: Visit to the Village Museum (2 hours).
NO appointment is necessary for the visit
Ticket prices are: 30 RON for adults, 15 RON for senior citizens, 8 RON for pupils/students
Lunch: Close to the museum (1 hour). We recommend the H Brewery, Il Calcio, Hard Rock Cafe or maybe even Taverna Racilor. These are right near the museum. Afterwards you can take a walk for about 2-3 hours through the Herastrau Park, where you can also see the Island of Roses or maybe even take a boat or boat ride on the Herastrau Lake.
After lunch: Visit to the Ceaușescu House in Bd. Primaverii (3 hours).
Evening: Dinner at a restaurant with a view, e.g. in the Herăstrău area (2 hours).

Morning: Visit to the Botanical Garden "Dimitrie Brândză" (2 hours).
After the tour, we also recommend admiring the Cotroceni Palace, where you can also visit the Cotroceni National Museum..
Lunch: Lunch nearby, we recommend "Burgeria Cotroceni" or maybe even cheaper "JoilPot Cotroceni" (2 hours).
After lunch: Relaxation at Therme Bucharest - requires transport and reservation (if you want to save time waiting in line) (4 hours).
We recommend at Therme that you have a towel, slippers and read the rules. Please note that electronic devices will be left in the closet/locker room. Therme has 3 zones and 3 intervals. 3 hours, 4.5 hours or full day. We recommend the 4.5-hour interval, departure from Cotroceni at 4 p.m. and the visit starting at 6 p.m. (or when you arrive).
An advantageous route in terms of time would be by train from the North Railway Station to Otopeni Airport, and then by bus 442 to the Petrești station.
A simpler option would be Bolt/Uber, where the cost will be around 100 lei.
Evening: Return to accommodation and rest.

Morning: Walking and exploring in the Cotroceni neighborhood (3 hours).
Lunch: In Cotroceni (1 hour).
After lunch: Shopping in AFI Cotroceni or Mall Baneasa (2-3 hours).
Evening: Dinner in an area with popular restaurants, such as Piața Victoriei, Bd. Kiseleff (2 hours).

Morning: Packing and preparation for departure (2 hours).
Lunch:Depending on the flight schedule, maybe a little exploring in the area you are in or a quiet lunch (2 hours).
After lunch: Transport to the airport and departure (2 hours).
We would like to point out that from and to Otopeni Airport during peak hours you can take even 2 hours depending on where you are. Our recommendation is to allow a time margin of about 1 hour in addition to the 2 hours you need to be in the airport before boarding. We recommend checking in online and using your passports to speed up the boarding process.
You don't stay at security for more than 20-30 minutes. There is the possibility to scan passports at automated systems. Upon arrival in the country it is mandatory that passports are checked by the border police, where there may be delays. Also, not all flights will drop you off directly at the airport. There is a possibility to be transported by bus to Arrivals.


7 days

Bucharest, capital of Romania

Cultural and Relaxation

Easy, suitable for most travellers, including families with children.

It depends on your travel style and accommodation options. An average daily budget could vary between EUR 50 - 150 per day, including accommodation, food, local transport and entrance fees to attractions.

Plane for arrival/departure. Metro, bus, tram and Uber/Taxi for getting around town.

Variety of options, from hotels (3-5 stars), hostels to Airbnb.

Sarmale, mamaliga, belly soup, small, and pies. Romanian cuisine is diverse and tasty.

Parliament Palace, Village Museum, Old Centre, Cișmigiu Park, National Art Museum of Romania.

Respect for the traditions and hospitality of the locals. It's good manners to say "hello" (Bună ziua) and "thank you" (Mulțumesc).

English is widely spoken among young people and in tourist areas. Basic knowledge of English can enhance the experience.

Depends on nationality. Citizens of the EU, US, Canada and Australia, among others, do not require a short-stay visa.

No specific major risk.

No special vaccinations are required, but check standard travel recommendations.

Bucharest is generally safe, but we recommend standard precaution: avoid remote areas at night, keep an eye on personal belongings in crowded places.

Available on platforms such as TripAdvisor, Google Maps for specific attractions, restaurants, and accommodation.

Self-organized, not applicable.

Since it's a self-organised tour, you have complete flexibility to customise it to your preferences.



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