Danube Delta, 2 days in a natural aquatic labyrinth

  • Min Age: 18

For some tours there may be a difference between arrival and departure times, depending on your schedule. Tours are calculated on the days actually spent in the destination city and do not take into account arrival and departure days. Please take 2 days in advance of the tour to ensure the most enjoyable experience.


Main Attractions of the Danube Delta

The Danube Delta, a biosphere reserve and UNESCO heritage site, is a biodiversity paradise. Here you can:

- **Explore the canals and lakes** by boat or kayak, discovering diverse ecosystems and scenic landscapes.

- **Visit the village of Letea**, where you'll find ancient subtropical forest with ancient trees and wild horses.

- **Bird watch**, the Delta is a haven for over 300 species of birds, including pelicans and egrets.

- **Participate in a traditional fishing trip**, the Delta is famous for its fish diversity.


Danube Delta Gastronomy

The Danube Delta cuisine reflects the natural richness of the area, offering dishes based on local fish and vegetables. Not to be missed:

- **Fish soup**, sour soup served with mămliguță and hot peppers.

- **Fish plaice**, a spicy and aromatic dish.

- **Sharkfish fillets**, delicacies appreciated for their unique taste.


Budget accommodation in Delta

For a budget of 40-60 euros per night, there are comfortable and welcoming options. Traditional wooden cottages or family-run guesthouses offer an authentic experience, with guests ready to share the stories of the Delta. You'll be looking for options that offer the comfort you want, close to the main attractions.


Daily Budget

In order to fit into a budget of 100 euro/day/person, taking into account accommodation, meals and activities, I will provide you with a detailed plan including:

- Comfortable and affordable accommodation.

- Meals based on local specialities.

- Activities that combine nature exploration with cultural and gastronomic discovery of the area.


Price Includes
Visiting suggestions for the main cultural and historical attractions
Daily activity descriptions
Information on modes of transport
Tips for navigating the city by public transport
Tips for tasting traditional Romanian dishes
Leisure options including parks, museums and shopping areas
Price Excludes
tickets to tourist attractions
airline tickets
travel insurance
public transport tickets
miscellaneous reservations
SIM local

Travel Styles

Nature & Adventure


100 - 199 euro
200 - 299 euro
300 - 399 euro
400 - 499 euro

Trip duration

Short (3 - 5 days)
Weekend (1 - 2 days)



Group type

Families with children's



Exploring type


Morning: Start with a boat ride on the Delta canals, admiring the rich landscapes and fauna. This is an excellent opportunity for bird watching and memorable photography.
Estimated budget for the boat ride: 20-30 euro/person.
Lunch: Stop in a local village to sample some of the typical Delta cuisine, such as fish borscht or plachia.
Estimated budget for lunch: 10-15 euro/person.
Afternoon: Visit the village of Letea and its unique forest, where you can admire wild horses and flora specific to the subtropics.
Entry to the reserve may be free or at a minimal cost, depending on local regulations.
Evening: Dinner at the guesthouse where you will stay, enjoying traditional fish dishes.
Estimated budget for dinner: 15-20 euro/person.

Morning: Participate in a birding session in an area renowned for its avian diversity. This can be a self-guided activity or with a local guide.
Estimated budget: €10-20/person for equipment hire or guide.
Lunch: Lunch in a local village, trying other specialities such as sturgeon roe or various fresh fish dishes.
Estimated budget for lunch: €10-15/person.
Afternoon: Explore the delta villages on your own, interact with locals or relax on the banks of the canals.
Free or minimal cost activities for bike or kayak hire.
Evening: Dinner at the guesthouse where you are staying, ending the experience with an assortment of local desserts.
Estimated budget for dinner: 15-20 euro/person.


2 days, designed for a short but intense and rewarding getaway.

The tour focuses exclusively on the Danube Delta, exploring different areas of the Delta, including the village of Letea and various canals and lakes in the delta.

Combining adventure and relaxation, with a strong focus on nature and cultural-gastronomic exploration.

Easy to moderate, accessible for most travellers, including families with children. Activities are flexible and can be adjusted according to preferences and physical condition.

Approximately 100-150 euro/person for the two days, including accommodation, food, local transport and activities.

Car or minibus to reach the Danube Delta from the nearest large town.
Boat is the main means of transport within the Delta to explore the canals and lakes.

Traditional guesthouses or wooden cottages, offering an authentic and comfortable experience, with a specified budget of 40-60 euros/night.

Fish borsch, fish plachie, sturgeon roe, along with other dishes based on local fish and vegetables.

The canals and lakes of the Delta, the village of Letea and its unique forest, bird watching, boating and traditional fishing.

Respect for nature is essential; the Danube Delta is a biosphere reserve and visitors are encouraged to follow responsible tourism practices.
Fishing in the Danube Delta may require special permits; it is important to check local regulations if you wish to participate in this activity.
Tourist season: The Danube Delta is best visited between April and September; outside this time, some services may be limited.

English is widely spoken among young people and in tourist areas. Basic knowledge of French can also be useful.

For EU citizens and those from many other countries, no visa is required to enter Romania.

There are no specific health risks or mandatory vaccinations for visitors to most countries, but it is recommended that you check the latest travel advice from your country.

No special vaccinations are required, but check standard travel recommendations.

There are numerous online reviews on platforms such as TripAdvisor, Google Reviews and Lonely Planet.

This itinerary is self-guided. For guided tours, you can check reputable local operators on review sites.

As a self-guided tour, you have the flexibility to tailor it to your liking, choosing which attractions to visit and when.



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