The pearl of the Romanian coast: 2 days in the sea breeze of Constanta

The pearl of the Romanian coast: 2 days in the sea breeze of Constanta

  • Min Age: 18

For some tours there may be a difference between arrival and departure times, depending on your schedule. Tours are calculated on the days actually spent in the destination city and do not take into account arrival and departure days. Please take 2 days in advance of the tour to ensure the most enjoyable experience.


Constanta, a city with a history spanning millennia, is a destination that offers travellers a fascinating combination of culture, history and beach. Situated on the shores of the Black Sea, Constanta is the gateway to the Romanian coast, offering visitors a wide range of experiences, from exploring ancient ruins to tasting delicious local cuisine.


By planning a two-day getaway to this vibrant city, you'll have the opportunity to dive into the depths of its history, stroll along the waterfront admiring the Casino, an iconic building for Constanta, and enjoy the sea breeze that brings back stories of times long gone. The Casino, despite its melancholic state of ruin, remains a symbol of the city, evoking the elegance and splendour of its heyday.


For accommodation, the recommendation is to go to the guesthouses and hotels in the Mamaia Nord area, where you can find comfortable and affordable options, with prices ranging from 40 to 60 euros per night. This area offers the perfect balance between the peace and quiet needed for rest and proximity to the city's main attractions, making it ideal for those looking for both relaxation and adventure in their exploration of Constanta.


Start your adventure with an early morning stroll along the cliff of the Casino, admiring the sunrise that paints the sea in warm shades of gold and pink. Then continue with a visit to the Archaeology Museum, where you'll come face to face with the region's rich history, from Greco-Roman artefacts to Geto-Dacian treasures. Don't miss the Aquarium, where you'll discover a fascinating underwater world.


The local gastronomy is another strong point of Constanta, offering visitors the chance to taste authentic culinary specialties. From mămligă with cheese and sour cream to fish brine, every meal is an opportunity to experience tastes and flavours that reflect the cultural richness of the region. For lunch and dinner, head for the traditional tavernas and restaurants, where you'll feel the warm hospitality of the locals as well as delicious food.


Day two invites you to continue exploring with visits to the Dolphinarium and Roman remains, such as the impressive Roman Mosaic Building, which offers a window into the city's past life. These places not only enrich your knowledge of the area's history and culture, but also add a touch of magic to your Constanta experience.


The budget for this getaway is designed to be affordable, with an estimated total of €100 per day per person, covering accommodation, meals and access to the main attractions. This budget allows for a comfortable and explorative trip without compromising on cultural and culinary experiences.


Constanta, with its streets steeped in history, picturesque seascapes and gastronomic delights, is a destination that promises a memorable adventure for anyone who crosses its threshold. Whether you're a history buff, a foodie or simply looking for a place to relax, this seaside town has something to offer for everyone. So get ready to let yourself be carried away by the waves of adventure in Constanta, where every corner hides a story waiting to be discovered.

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Morning: Start your day with a walk along the cliff of the Casino in Constanța, an architectural jewel overlooking the endless blue of the Black Sea. It's the perfect time to feel the pulse of the city and enjoy the sunrise.
Lunch: For lunch, head to one of the traditional Romanian tavernas, where you can enjoy local specialities such as mămligă with cheese and sour cream or a delicious fish brine.
Afternoon: Explore the Archaeology Museum, where you'll discover the region's historical treasures, from Greek and Roman artefacts to Geto-Dacian jewellery.
Don't miss the chance to visit the Constanta Aquarium, where you'll encounter an impressive variety of marine species. The aquarium is opposite the Constanta Casino. If it's closed, we recommend taking a stroll around Constanta's Tomis harbour, where you can even eat on the waterfront at one of the local restaurants.
Evening: Enjoy dinner in a local restaurant, where you can try fresh seafood or Dobrogan pies.

Morning: Head to the Dolphinarium to enjoy the dolphin show, a delightful experience for children and adults alike.
Estimated budget: 10-20 euro/person for equipment rental or guide.
Lunch: Experience traditional Romanian cuisine in one of the restaurants on the peninsula area of the city. Try the salmramuleti in vine leaves or an authentic monk pot.
Afternoon: Devote the rest of the day to exploring Roman relics, such as the Roman Mosaic Building, a window into the commercial life of antiquity. Alternatively, you could visit Ovidiu Square, the Museum of National History and Archaeology or perhaps even take a walk to the beaches of Constanta. Note that this is where the Neversea festival is held.
Evening: End your adventure at one of the seaside bars or cafes, where you can reflect on your experiences while sipping a local drink.


The tour is planned for 2 days

This tour focuses exclusively on the city of Constanta and its main attractions

The recommended style of travel is a mix of cultural and explorative, with the opportunity to try new styles of food while discovering Romania's history and gastronomy.

The tour is of an easy level, accessible for all ages and physical conditions.

The estimated budget is about 100 euro/day/person, including accommodation, local transport, food and activities.

In Constanta, you can use public transport (buses and minibuses), taxis or even bike rentals to get between attractions. If you're coming from out of town, trains and buses are the most convenient options.

For accommodation, budget guesthouses and hotels are recommended, with prices between 40 and 60 euros per night, especially in the Mamaia Nord area, offering a good balance between comfort and affordability.

Specific dishes you can try include fish brine, cheese and sour cream, sausages in vine leaves, and various seafood.

The attractions included are the Casino cliff, the Archaeology Museum, the Constanta Aquarium, the Dolphinarium, and the Roman Mosaic Building.

It's good to keep in mind local customs, such as keeping quiet during rest hours and behaving respectfully in places of worship. In restaurants, it is customary to leave a tip of 10-15% of the bill if you are satisfied with the service.

English is widely spoken among young people and in tourist areas. Basic knowledge of French can also be useful.

For EU citizens and those from many other countries, no visa is required to enter Romania.

There are no specific health risks or mandatory vaccinations for visitors to most countries, but it is recommended that you check the latest travel advice from your country.

No special vaccinations are required, but check standard travel recommendations.

There are numerous online reviews on platforms such as TripAdvisor, Google Reviews and Lonely Planet.

This itinerary is self-guided. For guided tours, you can check reputable local operators on review sites.

As a self-guided tour, you have the flexibility to tailor it to your liking, choosing which attractions to visit and when.



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