Transylvanian Treasures Tour: 5 days of history, nature and culture

Transylvanian Treasures Tour: 5 days of history, nature and culture

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Transylvania, a region shrouded in mystery and legend, awaits its explorers. This 5-day tour takes you on a journey back in time, from imposing medieval fortresses to ancient settlements and breathtaking landscapes. Discover places where history was written, where myths still pulse and nature displays its unique beauty.

This 5-day tour will take you through the heart of Transylvania, discovering a region rich in history, nature and culture. From medieval fortresses to fascinating museums and spectacular mountain scenery, this tour has something for everyone.

Further information:

  • To visit Romania you need a valid passport.
  • Romania's national currency is the Romanian Leu (RON).
  • The climate in Transylvania is temperate, with hot summers and cold winters.
  • Romania's official language is Romanian.

This tour is a great way to discover the beauty and diversity of Transylvania. You can choose to do the tour on your own or with a guide. There is a variety of accommodation available in all locations included in the tour.


  • Alba Iulia: 1 night at the pension - 200 RON/night = 200 RON
  • Sibiu: 2 nights in a pension - 250 RON/night = 500 RON
  • Păltiniș: 1 night in a pension - 300 RON/night = 300 RON


  • Train Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca: ~150 RON/person round trip
  • Car wrecking Cluj: ~800 RON/5 days
  • Car fuel: 200 RON at a consumption of 6.5 l/100km on a calculated distance of 400km, at a price of 7.5 lei/litre


  • Salina Turda: 50 RON Adults (Monday - Friday), 60 RON Adults (Saturday - Sunday + public holidays), 30 RON children, pensioners
  • Alba Carolina Fortress: 10 RON adults, 5 lei children
  • Astra Museum: 35 RON adults
  • Slimnic Fortress: 3 RON
  • Cișnădioara Fortress: 7 RON
  • Râpa Roșie: 0 RON, we recommend visiting near sunset

Total: 2255 RON

  • Food: 150 RON/day x 5 days = 750 RON (two meals in town, breakfast at the accommodation)
  • Additional activities (e.g. guided hikes, gastronomic tours): 200-300 RON
  • Plane Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca: ~500 RON/person round trip

Total with options: 3655 - 3805 RON

Recommendations for reducing costs:

  • Hotel/pension accommodation: 100-150 RON/night
  • Cooking your own food
  • Using the student/senior discount card

Suggestions for optimising your budget:

  • Choose public transport over taxis.
  • Take advantage of offers and promotions for sightseeing.
  • Take part in free tours organised by town halls or local associations.


  • Prices are indicative and may vary according to season, availability and personal preferences.
  • It is advisable to have an extra amount for unexpected expenses.


Travel Styles



400 - 499 euro
500 - 599 euro
600 - 699 euro
700 - 799 euro

Trip duration

Short (3 - 5 days)
Medium (6 - 10 days)



Group type

Families with children's



Exploring type

Optional going by car

Arrival in Cluj-Napoca
Visit the Turda Salt Mine, an old salt mine that has been turned into a tourist attraction.
Departure to Mediaș, accommodation and meals in Mediaș (1 night)
If time permits on the day, visit the UNESCO World Heritage listed fortified church of Biertan and return to Mediaș in the evening for accommodation.

Departure from Mediaș to Sibiu
Stop on the way and visit the Slimnic Fortress, a medieval fortress located on a volcanic peak.

Arrival in Sibiu, one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, accommodation in Sibiu (2 nights)
Visit the Main Square, the Historic Centre of Sibiu, the Council Tower, Parks and lunch in Sibiu.
Cross the Bridge of Lies, a legendary iron bridge that is said to collapse if someone tells a lie on it.

Visit the Astra Museum, an open-air museum showcasing traditional Romanian architecture and way of life.
Take part in a handicraft workshop or a cooking demonstration.
Enjoy a stroll through the museum's botanical garden.
Day trip to Cișnădioara Fortress, a fortified medieval fortress on a hill.

Enjoy panoramic views of Transylvania from the top of the fortress.

On the way to Alba Iulia, stop at the Râpa Roșie geological nature reserve.
Arrival in Alba Iulia, the historical capital of Transylvania. Accommodation 1 night.
Stroll through the historic centre of Alba-Iulia and admire the Coronation Cathedral, where the kings of Romania were crowned.

Visit the Alba Carolina Fortress, one of the most impressive fortifications in Europe.
Evening departure back to Cluj-Napoca.

Take a cable car ride up Mount Paltinis, a picturesque mountain resort.
Hike through the Carpathian Mountains.


The tour can be done all year round, but to take advantage of the nice weather and outdoor activities, the best times are spring (May-June) and autumn (September-October).

Yes, absolutely! The tour includes a variety of interesting attractions for all ages. The Astra Museum offers interactive activities for children, and scenic locations such as Râpa Roșie or Păltiniș offer opportunities to explore nature.

The tour itself is free, the final cost depends on the tourists' choices of accommodation, transport, food and optional activities. The average with all optional visits would be between 600-700 euro.

Pack according to the season, but also include comfortable clothes, footwear suitable for light hiking, sunscreen, a waterproof jacket and a camera to capture the beauty of Transylvania.

The tour does not include accommodation. It only provides information about the sights and tourists will organise their own accommodation. There are a variety of options available, from hostels and hotels to apartments and hostels.

Yes! In Transylvania there are more affordable options for accommodation in hostels or Airbnb apartments. Campsites can also be an alternative for those on a budget.

We recommend tourists to use reputable online accommodation booking platforms (e.g., Airbnb). For local guesthouses, they can contact the owners directly by phone or email.

You can reach Alba Iulia by train or bus from most of Romania's major cities. We suggest tourists to check the transport routes and timetables on the CFR Călători website:

Yes, many of the locations on the tour are very well connected by train and bus. We recommend to check routes and prices.

From Păltiniș you can take the train to Sibiu or use the bus to Sibiu airport.

In addition to accommodation, transport and entrance fees to sights, additional expenses include food, souvenirs and optional activities (e.g. hiking, workshops, wine tasting).

Yes! Cooking your own food, using public transport, choosing to stay in a shared room at a hostel, taking advantage of student or senior discounts are all great ways to save money during your tour.

The tour offers guidance to selected sights. The specific activities are at the tourists' discretion, and they are free to organise their own time.

Transylvania offers many possibilities for leisure time. We recommend exploring local markets, visiting other museums, cafes and restaurants with local specialities or relaxing in the local parks or lakes.

The official language is Romanian. In some tourist areas English or German may be spoken.



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